Behind The Scenes

She's Got It Bad

As I wrote in my reader’s letter for this book, I had the idea for the opening scenes of this story years ago - a man walks into a gallery and sees a painting of a sexy, naked woman. He recognises her as his first love, a girl he walked away from to save her from himself. And here she is as an adult, baring herself for all to see.  I had no idea why Liam had to save Zoe from himself at that point. I had no idea what kind of woman Zoe had become, or  what had driven her to become that way. I just had that one scene, and it stayed in the back of my mind for years. Then I sat down to think about the next books I wanted to write for Blaze and I started asking myself some questions about the man and the woman in that first scene. Eventually, I came up with the outline for She’s Got It Bad. 

I did a heap of research into tattoo parlors and tattoo techniques before I started writing. I have always been fascinated with tattoos, even though I don’t have one myself. I think about getting one all the time, however. I’m still searching for the image that I want to have become a part of me for the rest of my life. One day, hopefully, I’ll find it. 

If you’re trying to picture what Zoe’s artwork might look like, in my minds eye her work is a bit like that of the famous Australian artist, Howard Arkley, who worked with bright colors and used airbrush techniques to create iconic images of Australian suburbia. I envision Zoe’s work as being just as bright but perhaps more urban and city-based, influenced by her tattoo work. 

I should also pay homage to singer Peaches for inspiring Zoe’s alter-ego, Vixen. I have loved Peaches ever since I heard her naughty/profane song in the Japanese strip club scene in the Bill Murray/Scarlett Johansson movie Lost in Translation. The song is called F*ck the Pain Away and is hugely raunchy and in your face - much like Zoe!

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