Behind The Scenes


There were times when I never thought I'd get Satisfaction off my desk and out into the world. I'm so glad I have - it's been great hearing back from people how much they are enjoying it.

This book started life as a tiny part of a much bigger story. A long time ago, when we were still living in NZ, I was approached by a publisher to submit a proposal for an erotica anthology. I had just published my first book with Harlequin, and I'd also done a novelisation of a kids TV series for this publisher. Naturally, I was excited about being solicited for work. So I sat down and came up with this idea based on a conversation I'd had with a friend about how hard it was to find good one night stands (I feel obliged to stress that we were/are both happily partnered up, and this was a theoretical, mostly hilarious discussion). Anyway, somehow we came up with the idea of Fuck Club. Fuck Club was going to be like Fight Club - the first rule of Fuck Club being that there is no Fuck Club. Basically, a group of single women were going to throw the names of guys who were great in bed in the hat for their friends to browse amongst, should they so choose. They were no longer interested, why not share the joy?

Anyway. The publisher freaked when they read my first chapters. This was before 50 Shades, I should stress. They didn't want my hilarious, sexy, woman-empowering idea. For a while I considered submitting it elsewhere, but I had more books to write for Harlequin, and I put the notion aside.

One of the stories I'd come up with for the anthology, however, was about a book shop owner who had never had an orgasm. So while her friends were throwing names in the pot and going off to have a great time with the names they were taking out, she was hovering on the fringes, uncertain. Then she finally got her courage up and went to see the hot tattooist who had pleasured one of her friends so thoroughly. Nothing happened for her with him, but he realised what her "issue" was, and took her on as a kind of challenge. He worked out that she was over-thinking things too much, so one day he ambushed her in her book store and took her into the back room. She was on the verge of eating lunch, and there was a mango there, so the hot tattooist did what any red blooded man would do with a mango...

Anyone who has read Her Best Worst Mistake will recognise the mango scene. I confess, I stole it for Violet and Martin. They needed it, and Martin loved mangos, so it seemed like a good fit. But the rest of the story was still hanging around in the back of my mind, and then I got a bit of time between books last year and I thought I would maybe write a quick sexy little novella. And that book shop owner and that hot tattooist put up their hands and said "Please, Miss, could you tell our story?" And so I did. But it turned out it wasn't a short story. It's an 80,000 word story. And it was a lot of fun, and roughly 14 years in the making, give or take.

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