Behind The Scenes

One Good Reason

One Good Reason is the sequel to The Last Goodbye, which is probably pointing out the very obvious! When I started writing The Last Goodbye, I had no plans to have a sequel. In fact, The Last Goodbye started life as a book with a completely other story and theme, but when I found myself hitting a wall with the first story, I realised I’d taken a wrong turn and started again. The result was The Last Goodbye, and as I was writing about Tyler and Jon and Jon came to life on the page for me, I realised I really, really wanted to tell his story. I wanted him to be happy. And I wanted Gabby to be happy, too. I had never planned for her to be Tyler’s ex, but once she started to get flesh on her bones that was what she demanded, too. 

Both these books deal with the difficult and emotional issue of domestic violence. They were hard books to write, very emotional for me, but I hope I have done the issues justice and taken both Tyler and Jon to a place where they can finally find some peace in their lives. 

The scene where Jon and Gabby make love for the first time was always a part of my story outline, but when I wrote the reality of it I realised that it brought up so many issues for Jon that I needed to explore, which led to the scenes with Ally afterward and the morning-after conversation with Gabby in her office. Just another example of how sometimes the story surprises you when you’re knee deep in it, I guess!

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