Behind The Scenes

More Than One Night

The accidental pregnancy is a staple of romance. I've read tons of them myself, from historicals to contemporaries. I honestly couldn't tell you why it popped into my head to write one. When I think back to writing the proposal for this book, the story was simply there, in my head. I knew who Rhys was, I knew who Charlie was. I knew why they were going to spend one hot night together - and why Charlie believed that was all it would ever be. I can't remember what prompted the idea at all, which is pretty unusual for me. 

After All They Need, which I will freely admit was the Book From Hell, I felt incredibly suspicious that this book flowed so easily. Not that it was a doddle - books are never doddles - but by comparison it was a tropical vacation compared to the Siberian gulag that was All They Need. I worried that that meant there was something wrong with the book, that I hadn't agonised enough to get the words on the page. My editor, bless her, assured me I had done just fine and prescribed chocolate and a glass of wine. I am always happy to follow her edicts. 

There were times during the writing of this book that I stopped and looked at the situation I had put Charlie and Rhys in and felt so damned sorry for them. Who on earth would be happy about discovering that they are going to be linked for life with a virtual stranger? And how to you find true, lasting love with so much pressure and expectation? I tried very hard to keep Charlie and Rhys as realistic as possible as they dealt with each other and the situation. I wanted to explore the ins and outs and ups and downs and doubts that would exist in the real world if this were ever to happen. As I'm sure it does! I hope that in doing so I created a  happy, sad, sexy, funny, emotional journey for Charlie and Rhys -  and, of course, for you, the reader. At the end of the day, it's all about you!  

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