Behind The Scenes

Hot Island Nights

This book started with a scene in my head - the one on the beach when Nate and Elizabeth first (ahem) get together. The idea of a very proper English miss asking a hot surfie guy to fulfill her sexual needs in a very specific way just popped into my head - and then before I knew it I was off and racing. What can I say, it is a Blaze, after all! I set this story on Philip Island, a small island about an hour’s drive from Melbourne. It’s not one of those ritzy beach resorts - it’s very casual and laid back. Summer is awesome on the Island - hot days, cold beer and barbecues at night, sailing on the Bay... A great way to unwind. And a great place for a woman who has spent her whole life worrying about what other people think to slow down and get to know herself. 

I think Nate might be one of my more tortured heroes, and I have to say I enjoyed putting him through the wringer. He’s a decent, caring guy who has been dealt a crappy hand by life and is doing his best to deal with the fall out. It’s not until Elizabeth comes into his world that he starts to come to grips with the trauma and loss in his past. And yes, I shed a tear or two writing parts of this book. 

There was a subplot when I planned this book, revolving around Martin, Elizabeth’s ex, and her friend Violet back in London. I love this subplot. I’d written nearly all of the Martin and Elizabeth scenes when I looked at my work count and realised that there was no way I was going to fit in both stories in the depth that I wanted. So I made a tough decision - Martin and Violet had to go. It took me a couple of years, but I finally got to tell their story in Her Best Worst Mistake. You can find it under the Independent/Brothers Ink header on the Menu, or link through from here. 

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