Behind The Scenes

Hot For Him

I enjoyed writing this book, even though the subject matter – Claudia’s mother’s alcoholism – was pretty heavy. I have a friend who had to go into rehab, and another whose mother had a drinking problem. I drew on both their experiences to come up with Claudia’s mother’s story. As for Claudia – well, if she isn’t one of the feistiest heroines I’ve ever written, I don’t know who is! She’s just a little pocket rocket, and I have my friend Lara to thank for inspiring me with her chutzpah. Every time I wanted to soften Claudia or pull her back, I forced myself to stick to the line I’d created for her and I’d ask myself “what would Lara do?” Inevitably, the answer presented itself.

Australia is a very multi-cultural society, and Melbourne, where I come from, has a very high percentage of people with Greek and Italian heritage. I went to school with a lot of Greek kids, and I’ve eaten (and adored) Greek food for a long time. Researching more of the culture, the food, the names was a joy. One of my favorite things about writing is the way it allows me to indulge my curiosity about places and customs and people.

This was the last book in my Daytime Divas trilogy, and sending it into my editor felt like a major achievement. I’d been writing solidly on these three books for many many months by then – and was more than happy to let them loose in the world. It didn’t take long for me to miss those three ladies, however. So, one day, I may revisit Ocean Boulevard. You never know…

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