Behind The Scenes

Hot City Nights

Okay, we’ve all had one - a boyfriend in the past who left before we were ready for them to go. They left us high and dry and heartbroken, and a little part of us has always wanted to get payback. Nothing big - maybe just the joy of sauntering past him ten years later, looking fabulous in a pair of Jimmy Choos and something from the latest Dolce Gabbana collection, while he stands there drooling on his pot belly, his thinning hair flapping in the breeze. This idea was pretty much the starting point for Back To You, but with the very important adjustment of a flat belly for the hero, Cal, along with a full head of hair!

This story had been rattling around in my brain for a while, but I was pretty sure I would struggle to get a full Blaze out of it. Plus, the pregnancy was a big issue - not exactly Blaze territory, babies. Then I got a phone call asking if I would like to be a part of a Harlequin Anthology for the North American summer, rubbing elbows with the incredibly talented Sandra Marton and Emily Rose. As if I was going to say no! The only brief we were given was the title - Hot City Nights. They wanted the stories to be set in three major cities around the world. Naturally, I chose Sydney. Since Sandra’s story was already written, Emily and I looked to her story for a linking theme. And she just happened to have a surprise baby in her story. Straight away my revenge-fantasy story popped to mind. Our editor, Marsha Zinberg at Harlequin, gave me the thumbs up and off I went, fingers tap-tapping away.

I really enjoyed writing this novella. It was short, sharp and intense, and a great experience in jamming as much emotion and development I could get into the limited word count to tell a satisfying, sexy story. I hope I pulled it off! For the record, Cafe Sydney does exist, and it is fabulous. If you’re ever in Sydney, take a trip up to the top level of Customs House and check it out. Hell, why not have dinner there, or cocktails on the balcony?

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