Behind The Scenes

His Christmas Gift

Oh, I had so much fun writing this book, mostly because I was doing it alongside the lovely and talented Kat Latham. Kat and I have collaborated before when I wrote Book 1 of the Bachelor Auction series and she wrote Book 6. We made our heroines best friends, and spent a lot of time sending each other emails and excerpts and scenes, and it was great. So when Kat suggested we do linked Christmas-themed novellas, I was all over it. 

For some reason, I had a very clear idea in my head that my hero owned a Christmas tree farm. Not sure where that came from! But I knew he wore flannel shirts and that he was strong and had calloused hands. I knew my heroine was a redhead, and that she was a diligent, earnest lawyer who put in way too much overtime on her cases. And I knew I wanted these two people to be forced to spend Christmas together. Talking with Kat and hearing about her amazing heroine, Lacey, helped me get a grip on both my hero and heroine. Together we came up with our stories and wove them around one another, and it was so great seeing scenes with my hero in them from her POV - and hopefully vice versa for her. 

A note and an admission for the Scrabble fans amongst you. An early reviewer pointed out that it would be impossible for Sawyer to get the score he did with the word he had in their first game of Scrabble. I agonised over whether to change it or not...but I like the scene too much to ruin the fun of him whipping her ass when she's been so smug about her score. Even if - technically - it's not possible. I hope the Scrabble addicts out there aren't rolling on the ground clutching their heads in agony, reading this!! And I also hope you enjoy the Scrabble scenes. I had so much fun writing them, even if I can't count squares or add up scores according to the official Scrabble rules.

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