Behind The Scenes

Her Secret Fling

I had a lot of plans for this book. I had a big subplot about Poppy’s career in mind, some stuff with her parents... When I actually started writing, I realised I didn’t need any of those things. More and more as I write romance I realise that it comes down to two people and their separate journeys toward togetherness. It really is as simple as that. The rest of the stuff I was thinking about was pretty much irrelevant, and would only have taken away from the central story.

Another thing I realised when I was writing this book was that I am attracted to people whose lives are in transition. Jamie in Below The Belt was launching into a boxing career, her lover Cooper was trying to forge a new life for himself outside of the ring. Mac was looking for something new in All Over You, Anna in Cruise Control has created a new direction for herself... Clearly, I like the idea of people staring at a blank slate and wondering what they will write next in their lives. Poppy is a little different from my other heroes and heroines, however, in that she’s been an Olympian. Every time I watch an Olympic medal ceremony, doesn’t matter what sport or who is on the podium, I always get a bit emotional as I watch the athletes receive their medals. Not many moments of achievement are as pure and direct as that in life - the simple equation of having strived and strived and sacrified and then finally proving yourself beyond any doubt. It is inspiring stuff, that’s for sure. But, of course, these athletes also lead normal lives outside of the pool or the velodrome or the ice skating rink, and that was the part of Poppy’s life that I was most interested in. How does someone who has lived a life of sacrifice and discipline adapt to the world that the rest of us are used to navigating?

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