Behind The Scenes

Her Best Friend

Big thanks go to my buddy Helen (love you, Hanky Spanky!) for this story. One long summer afternoon around her kitchen table she told me the tale of how she and her hubby fell in love after spending weeks renovating an old playhouse together. I loved her story so much that I immediately felt the itch for pen and paper. The result is Her Best Friend. Needless to say, by the time I’d finished plotting and writing, the story only loosely resembled Helen and her husband’s journey - it became Quinn and Amy’s instead! But the seed was hers and I’m mightily grateful.

In case anyone is wondering, the town of Daylesford is real, but The Grand is not. There is an old Art Deco cinema in town but I believe it’s currently boarded up. A crying shame. I love Art Deco architecture and there are a couple of absolutely fabulous, glamorous old cinemas in my home town of Melbourne that I love to visit. 

There are a couple of moments in the book where Amy is reminiscing about the kind of naughty mischief she and Quinn got up together as kids. Now, I was a bit of a goody-two-shoes as a kid - very obedient and pathetically fearful of authority (ie my parents) - so when it came to coming up with hi-jinx, I had to turn to my man, Chris, for inspiration. Fortunately for me he was one naughty little sucker - all those pranks Amy and Quinn remember are his. I suppose I should be a little appalled by his juvenile delinquency, but secretly I’m impressed. I’ve always liked a man with a bit of a glint in his eye....

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