Behind The Scenes

Can't Get Enough

Originally, Can’t Get Enough was targeted at the Flipside line of romantic comedy books and was called Stuck With You.  Or Stuck In You, as one of my more lady-like friends suggested.  But in between my Editor, Wanda, liking the manuscript and asking me to tweak a few things and me returning it with the changes, Flipside got canned.  Oh, the despair as I read Wanda’s email informing me of this! I rang my partner and moaned and wailed and gnashed my teeth. Then I read the rest of Wanda’s email where she asked me to redirect the book toward the Blaze line by adding more eroticism.  Rang my partner back, told him I’d over-reacted.  Oddly, he wasn’t surprised. Go figure.

So, almost-kisses became almost-sex, and eventually full sex.  Manhoods were replaced with penises – so much more practical for all involved, really.  And Can’t Get Enough was born.

The story itself was inspired by my experiences around the story table on the serial drama Neighbours, an Australian TV show. There are times when we meet people and our instinctive response is to judge them – too loud, too aggressive, too quiet, spoilt, lazy etc, etc.  On the story table, it’s easy to make those kind of snap judgments because people are under a lot of pressure to perform when they first arrive. Usually they’re trying out for a job, and they’re intimidated by the process and all the loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed people around them.  But it only takes a few days before first impressions are shed like old snake skin.  You learn about each other's divorced parents, lost siblings, betrayals, embarrassments, nightmares…and suddenly you see the human being, just like you, staring back across the table.  That was the seed of Can’t Get Enough: take two people who think they hate each other, place them in a small, enclosed space, shake things up and wait to see what happens.

I had a lot of fun writing it.  Because of my storylining background, I tend to loosely structure the book before I start writing – I’m not one of those seat-of-the-pants writers.  But there are always scenes that sneak up on you while you’re writing and just happen.  In Can’t Get Enough, my favorite scene like this is where Claire waits in Jack’s office to confront him after he asked to be removed from her project.  She gets stuck in the stupid bucket-seat couch, then her button pops off, and he staples her Gucci shirt closed rather than jump her again… It all started with the squishy couch, and before I knew it Jack had a stapler in his hand.

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