Behind The Scenes

Bound To The Bachelor

I was thrilled, chuffed, over the moon when the fabulous and talented Jane Porter contacted me and asked if I'd like to participate in a new series for Montana Born. I'd had such a great experience with the Great Wedding Giveaway series,  so I was keen to work with Tule Publishing again - and then Jane said the magic words: bachelor auction. Immediately my story antenna sat up and tingled. I've never written a bachelor auction type story before, and it struck me as being full of so much fun and potential. And, you know, sexy as hell.

It was a no-brainer who would be my bachelor - it had to be Beau Bennett, who I created in Make Believe Wedding and who, as sometimes happens, took on a life of his own once he was on the page. And there was only woman I could pit against Beau - it had to be Lily, the best friend of Beau's little sister and the woman he's always had a snark-at-ten-paces type relationship with. As I confessed over on the behind the scenes page for Anticipation, the second in my Brothers Ink series, very few of my linked books started life as series. When I wrote Make Believe Wedding, I didn't consciously set out to create characters and dynamics that I'd want to follow up, but it happened anyway. Maybe it's the subconscious match maker in me, scouting around as I write the book for other likely couples I can give a happy ever after to. Anyway, all of that is just a long way of saying that even though I didn't intend to write Lily and Beau's story when I introduced them in Make Believe Wedding, by the time I'd finished that book I was burning to get to the heart of what was wrong between these two stubborn people. Readers seemed to feel the same - I lost count of the number of emails I got from people, asking if I was going to write their story, which is always pretty awesome for  a writer. 

Another confession: I really enjoyed writing the action-y part of the book toward the end. It made me wonder if I've got some kind of a spy or thriller book in me one day - or if maybe I watched one too many James Bond movies with my dad when I was a kid! 

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