Behind The Scenes

Best Laid Plans

I find inspiration for my stories from lots of different places - eaves dropping on public transport (be warned!), magazines and friends and family and my own experiences. The Best Laid Plans was inspired by a magazine advertisement I found when I was still living in Auckland. Tucked into the bottom corner on one of the pages, it was an ad from a woman in her late thirties seeking a man willing to donate sperm to her for the child she desperately wanted. Unlike in the US, sperm donors who are willing to donate to single women are thin on the ground in both New Zealand and Australia, hence the need for women to advertise sometimes. Well, this ad really grabbed my imagination. What would it take to advertise for the father of your child in this way, I thought? And what kind of a woman chooses this route to motherhood? Or is it, perhaps, a matter of having no choice and deciding that rather then miss out, you’ll take matters into your own hands? That was more than enough to get me off and racing, and Alex and Ethan’s story is the result of my musings. 

A word on Ethan. He’s pretty messed up after the betrayal of his wife. I loved shaping his journey as he made baby-steps toward reaching out for what he really wanted. I have to admit, the epilogue for this story is one of my favorites ever.

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