Behind The Scenes

Anything For You

I have wanted to write a book about best friends falling in love since forever. It’s one of my all-time favourite storylines, and I have read a ton of them over the years. As usual, however, the fabulous Wanda put me on the right path right from the beginning when I floated my ideas past her. She suggested making Delaney more active and less passive than in my pretty unformed original idea, and all of a sudden the story began to unfold in my head. Sam is one of my favourite heroes so far. He’s just so damned out of touch with his own feelings, so inarticulate. I drew on my time working for the Australian Hardware Journal (don’t laugh!) for the magazine background. For six years straight out of university I wrote about nails and hammers and screwdrivers for a small trade publisher, so the inner workings of a magazine are second nature to me. Needless to say, having to write about such dry stuff during my nine to five hours was exactly the impetus I needed to get busy with my book manuscripts.

My favourite scene in this book is the one where Sam climbs naked out of bed to “spy” on Delaney in the apartment below. I had this great image in my mind of this hunky, gorgeous guy on all fours with his ear pressed to the floor. I thought it was hilarious, so childish and silly. Hopefully I’m not alone!
Unlike Delaney, I cannot surf. I tried to learn when I was in my early twenties, but I always had so much trouble paddling past the breakers out to where the waves are actually caught that by the time I got out there, I’d be so exhausted I’d just want to go back in again. I nearly stood up once, and it was a pretty great feeling. Which I guess is why Learn To Surf is still at the top of my To Do list. One day, when I have some free time…

After writing Cruise Control with it’s pretty serious storyline, I really enjoyed the light-hearted fun of this book, but the other thing I really enjoyed was writing about characters who knew and loved each other already. My previous two books were essentially about strangers meeting, getting to know each other and falling in love. But Delaney and Sam already love each other as friends, so I felt I had a very warm, full, meaningful base to work from. And there was a lot more at stake between the two of them – Delaney’s future happiness, their business, their friendship. It opened up a whole new world of emotion and jeopardy for my characters.

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