Behind The Scenes


When I started writing Satisfaction, I had no idea that I was going to create Eddie and Blue. I knew that Rafel would have an identical twin, and that that twin would be a complete pants man, but I had no thought of a sequel in my head. This is where I should probably confess that only one of my series - the Secret Lives of Daytime Divas series, made up of Take On Me, All Over You and Hot For Him - was intentional. The rest just kind of happened, because I found myself falling in love with a side-kick or sibling of the hero or heroine I'd created. Blue is definitely a character I fell in love with. 

Right from the start, I had such a clear image of her in my head - the bright blue hair, her tattoos, her mouthiness, her sexy little body. And I knew, absolutely, that she'd been in love with Eddie for years, even though she'd die rather than admit it. From the moment Satisfaction was out there, I started getting emails and tweets and FB posts about Blue and Eddie. People wanted to read their story. I started writing this book a long time before it was released, but life kept getting in the way. Other work, inconvenient illnesses, holidays... Once I thought I was ready to go, but I realised I wasn't even close to being happy with the story I'd written. So I delayed and spent more time thinking about how to capture the essence of Eddie and Blue's journey. The result is Anticipation. I really hope Blue and Eddie's story was worth the wait!

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