Behind The Scenes

Amorous Liaisons

This is the book I wrote twice. Why? Because I lost most of it mysteriously just before Christmas 07. Just went to open the file, and there was nothing there except for the title page. Given the book was only a few thousand words off finished, it wasn’t a pretty moment. Especially as I hadn’t backed it up since sending my first three chapters into my editor way back when. I cried. I gnashed my teeth. I begged my IT guru brother to please, please, please find my lost manuscript in the bowels of my computer. To no avail. I even hired a forensic data recovery expert to comb through my hard drive and find the file. Again, no joy. And so, after New Years Day, I sat down to write the book from chapter three onwards all over again. It was hard at first. Then I started remembering scenes and dialogue and moments. It was pretty amazing how much came back to me, actually. But it was also very nice to get to the “fresh” section of the book where I was blazing a new trail rather than walking in my own footsteps. So, this book has really been a labour of love for me - and torture, and profound anxiety. It’s also taught me the huge lesson of always having a back up copy. ALWAYS!!!

As far as the actual content of the book goes, this story was inspired by two things - Paris, and my love of best friends falling in love stories. I have always had such lovely feedback from readers for Anything From You, and for a long time I have wanted to tell the “I love my best friend” story from the man’s perspective. And so Max and Maddy were born.

I should perhaps confess that originally this story was completely different. It was about a woman trying to escape her past and a man angry with his would-be fiance, there was a misunderstanding about his sexuality that led to her being far more casual with undressing in front of him than she might otherwise be… It didn’t work. I got about a quarter of the way into it and hated it with a passion. So I rang my editor, confessed all and pitched a new idea to her over the phone. She liked it, I came up with a new outline and started writing straight away. So, maybe it’s more accurate to say that this is the book I wrote three times!

Paris is my absolute favorite destination in the world. I love the architecture, the history, the food, the fashion. I even like the famous Parisian rudeness. Altogether I have had the good fortune to live in the Le Marais part of Paris for nearly five months over two visits to France. I adore it, and highly recommend it as a base for anyone wanting to visit the city of lights.

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