Behind The Scenes

Almost a Bride

Almost a Bride

This is my first book for Jane Porter's new Tule Publishing company, and it was an absolute delight to write. Being invited to write a story about the fictional town of Marietta, Montana, along with a group of other talented authors who I hugely admire was an honour, and I had so much fun imagining Reid and Tara and working out how to take them by the hand and lead them to their happy-ever-after. 

Ever since some early inaccuracies in one of my books and a scathing review on Good Reads, I have been as careful as I can be about research for my  books. Even though I often have to really screw my courage up before ringing important and busy public services (like hospitals and welfare groups, for example), knowing that getting the facts straight in a romance novel is probably not a priority for these folk who are providing vital services for the community, I make myself do it. This time. I spoke to someone at the Bozeman Police Department, and he was so helpful I would have hugged him if we'd been in the same hemisphere. He helped me transform the characters in my head into real police officers, and I will be eternally grateful to him for his goodwill and generosity. 

I  also want to thank Sarah Wendell, of Smart Bitches Trashy Books fame, who introduced me to the sport of paddle boarding and who proofread my paddle board scenes to make sure I wasn't just making a whole bunch of guff up. Bless you for taking me under your wing, Sarah, and showing me how awesome this sport can be.  This summer, I plan to renew my acquaintance with a paddle boarding, and  if there's a  still-ish water of water near you, I urge you to ask around and see if anyone is hiring out paddle boards, because it is easy, awesome and so much fun. Seriously - if I can do it, anyone can!

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