Behind The Scenes

All Over You

This book gave me hell. I got halfway through it and decided that Grace Wellington was the biggest wimp I’d ever written. She was so down on herself, so weak and victim-y. Having a heroine who didn’t want anything for herself but merely reacted against the hero was a big mistake, I quickly discovered. So, after many intense conversations with my man, Wanda and my friend Kirsty, I rewrote the front half of the book and gave Grace a million times more attitude. And learned a powerful lesson – rewriting is much harder than writing. Much. Harder. The next time this happened to me (getting halfway through a book and realizing I had gone astray), I threw out the start and started again rather than trying to rewrite the existing text.

The other thing I learned with this book – and it’s a very obvious lesson – is that whatever issue my hero or heroine has must come full circle by the end of the book to make for a satisfying read. In the original outline for Grace’s story, her sister having an affair with her ex was Grace’s backstory, but the sister never appeared in the story. There’s an old saying about movies – if there’s a gun on the wall at the start of the movie, there’s a good bet someone’s going to get shot during the narrative. I had created a gun with Grace’s rocky relationship with her sister, but I hadn’t planned to shoot anyone with it until I realized I had to make Grace a fully realized person again. D’oh. Very obvious to me now, but at the time, I was wading through custard trying to work things out. But it’s a lesson I’ve definitely taken on board for future books. That’s what it’s all about, after all – getting better (hopefully!) with each book

Doing the research for Grace’s car and clothes was a pleasure, however, even if parts of the rewriting were hell. I love the fashions of the 30s and 40s, and I adore the Corvette convertible that both she and Mac drive. I found a great website and just trawled it to my heart’s content. Delicious. I encourage you to have a little look-see yourself – I’m sure you’ll find something divine to drool over.

I love the scene at the end when Mac comes home to find the messages from Grace and her standing naked in his bedroom. I bawled my eyes out while I was writing it, and I hope it makes people feel something when they read it, too. I thought Grace was very brave to make herself so vulnerable to Mac like that.

One last thought – I loved the front cover for this book. Just plain hot, in my opinion, and both the models were a great match for Grace and Mac. In fact, that male model is just plain grrrr.

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