Behind The Scenes

A Summer Reunion

I had a lot of fun writing this story - researching Cape May in New Jersey where the story is set and trying to get the all the details right. I got very emotional as I dug deep into Laurie's feelings surrounding her divorce and sense of rejection. It's tough not to take it personally when your partner of more than 20 years abandons you for another woman, after all.

I first heard about this anthology when I was contacted by Marsha Zinberg, the executive editor for feature and custom publishing over at Harlequin. I've worked with Marsha a couple of times before, on the Mediterranean Nights 12 book continuity, and on the Hot City Nights anthology. Marsha asked if I would be interested in writing a novella to contribute to a new anthology they had coming up, and I jumped at the chance. I really enjoy writing novellas - they're a challenge for a writer like me who tends to "write long" a lot of the time. I think all of my books have been massively over the word count at some point or other, so building an emotional story in just 25,000 words is like writing an Haiku for me compared to writing a Super Romance.

As well as accepting Marsha's invitation, I also asked who my fellow authors would be. She replied that Kasey Micheals would be the "lead" author, and that the other author would be Teresa Southwick. Cue massive intimidation. Especially when I looked up these ladies' backlists. I mean, come on - these two could fill a bookstore all on their own! It was a pleasure to work with them both and I think we’re all really happy with the result of our collaboration.

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