Behind The Scenes

A Natural Father

This is my first Superromance and I was nervous as hell writing it. It was kind of scary moving away from the whole “hot tamale” thing that Blaze thrives on and exploring other aspects of my characters’ lives. I really got into it in the end, however, and it was nice exploring intergenerational conflict and the subplot with Lucy’s sister, Rosie. There’s a scene in this book where Rosie blurts out all her rational and irrational fears about motherhood and having children. As someone who has thought about this a lot, I felt I had a lot of source material to draw on in this moment!

For some reason, I felt really connected with my home town of Melbourne when I was writing this book. I’m not Italian (I wish!) but I grew up with Italian friends and when I think of the things that make Melbourne unique and a great city to live in, I think of the culture that our Italian immigrants have brought to the city - the food, the markets, the style, the energy and color. I really enjoyed thinking about those things and trying to evoke them as I wrote - I hope some of it comes through in the reading.

This book was really, really long when I finished it - like nearly two chapters over the top word count. I went over and over and over it trying to pare it back. I think it’s the most edited book of my career so far, I did my “red pen” edit so many times! My editor snipped it back some more, and we squeezed in under the word limit. Just!

Lastly, there’s a scene towards the last third of the book where Dom and Lucy argue over their musical preferences as they do their deliveries for the day. The band that Dom is into is called Fat Freddy’s Drop, and they’re a New Zealand band that I have grown to love during my time living in Auckland. They’re described on Wiki as being a “roots/dub/reggae/jazz/soul” band. I don’t even know what half of those things are, and I don’t particularly like reggae (sorry, Mr Marley!) but I really like this band. Here’s a youtube link to my current fave song, Ernie, off their album Based On A True Story. It starts slow but builds beautifully - hang in there till 1.30 at least. Great for cruising in the car on a sunny day!

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