Behind The Scenes


Where do I begin talking about this project? The proper beginning was when I picked up a copy of The Year We Fell Down and fell in love with Sarina Bowen's writing a few years ago.  Over the next few weeks, I read everything she'd written. And I wrote to her, and she wrote back. She'd read some of my books (!!!), and we chatted a bit on email.  After that, sometimes we'd catch up with each other on email, particularly when either of us had a new release coming out. I was lucky enough to get to read a couple of Sarina's before they were released, and I reciprocated with mine. Then, late last year, Sarina contacted me. In her own words: When I was setting down goals for 2017, I asked myself which things in the past couple of years had brought me the most joy. And collaborating with Elle Kennedy was one of them! So I knew I needed more of that in my life.

So Sarina asked if I would be interested in co-writing a book, and I instantly said yes (because: Sarina Bowen!!) and we looked at our calendars and carved out some time. Then we started kicking around ideas. Sarina had the great idea of our story being set in New York, because it's a such a fabled, glamorous, romantic city. It was a no-brainer to have an Aussie hero matched against an American heroine. The rest fell into place pretty quickly. We wanted people to enjoy the fantasy of this book, but we also wanted to ground it in emotion. We wanted to make sure Callan and Grace earned their happy ever after, too.

I cannot adequately describe the pleasure of waking up each morning to find Sarina had written part of our book while I was sleeping. Then, while she slept, I'd write the next bit, and so on. Was I intimidated sometimes? Hell, yeah. Ms Bowen can write the hell out of a love scene. And she's so funny. I had to bring my A game. But it was a constant delight to be surprised by her and challenged by her take on things. Temporary is not a book I could have written on my own, it's a unique fusion of both our visions and sensibilities. I am really proud of it, and I hope readers enjoy the people and the world we've created between us.

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